The smart choice when it comes to your property management and leasing needs.

Alpha Mosaic Apartment Management specialises in ensuring we use the right method to lease or sell your property.


We implement strategic marketing campaigns and inspection strategies designed to maximise the rental or sale price of your property. This is backed by solid knowledge of the Fortitude Valley market.

  • We have first-hand understanding of the Fortitude Valley market, enabling current and competitive rentals rates within the competitive market
  • 24/7 availability for emergency situation requring immediate response and issue management
  • Quick response times for low to medium maintenance work
  • Ability to do ‘Mr Fix-it’ jobs rather than engage a costly contractor for every maintenance task
  • Onsite during contractors work – if there are any problems it will be investigated at the time and reduce additional time, cost to you and inconvenience to tenants
  • Availability for flexible inspection times for walk-ins, after hours inspections and opens
  • Convenience for your tenants and easier access for paying of rent by cash or EFTPOS options
  • We have a vested interest in making the business work which extends to effective selection of tenants and setting the right tone from the start
  • We conduct induction of new tenants to the to the complex which includes building induction, the importance of adhering to the Body Corporate by-laws and the essence of community living, which can be a new experience for many tenants
  • We have knowledge of the building services and can effectively and efficiently sort out problems related to a building service which impacts on the tenant
  • Available to let residents in when they have locked themselves out, avoiding the inconvenience and cost of locksmith
  • We see the comings and goings of residents and supported with security and surveillance cameras, we are in a better position to identify nuisance behaviours and address promptly.
  • We have a working relationship with the Body Corporate and can lobby for improvements to the property for the betterment of owners and tenants
  • Familiarity with the residents and fostering of a good community atmosphere
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